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Coaching Programs for Individuals

So you’ve decided that it is time to follow your dream career or create the lifestyle you’ve always hoped for and be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Well firstly, congratulations to you!


The coaching programs Grace and Grind have on offer are a deep dive to accelerate your personal growth and development, transform your life and allow you to unlock your full potential. And let’s be clear – there is no navel gazing or airy fairy wishes here, we are talking practical actions to get you where you want to be!


Through each of the programs on offer I will guide you and be your number one supporter in achieving the career or lifestyle you’ve always wanted but been too afraid or unsure how to pursue. Together we will share your challenges, fears, triumphs and amazing outcomes on the road to whatever you set your mind too.


To support you in this exciting time and help you navigate a world of change I have a range of packages for you to choose from. 

Book your initial call here to kick start your coaching program 

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Grace and Grind Example Coaching Package inclusions (3 or 6 months)

  • Pre coaching questionnaire

  • Initial 60-minute session to explore your desires, goals and identify key actions to inspire you and take you forward.

  • 60-minute fortnightly or monthly sessions to check in on the progress towards your goals and overcome any barriers you might be facing.

  • Email responses and support from Suzanne twice a week for the period or unlimited (depending on chosen package) (3 or 6 months).

  • Worksheets and/or activities to continually motivate and inspire you – these resources are provided to clients only – they are not publicly available on my website. (It is recommended that clients invest 4-6 hours per month of their own time into these activities).

  • Summary report provided at the end of the coaching engagement to highlight progress, goals and your development assessment.

  • For certain packages - summary report provided at the end of the coaching engagement to highlight progress, goals and your development assessment.

What my coaching clients have to say:

Suzanne helped me through a challenging phase in my career, and assisted me to gain the confidence to move forward independently. A few short months later I have now started a small business, and am optimistic about what the coming year will hold.
She assisted me in understanding how to determine what I wanted to do, as well as how to believe in my own skills. I’m incredibly grateful for her wisdom and guidance.


A Spillane 

Google Review

I worked with Suzanne for a few months to improve my confidence, clarify my strengths and define a plan for the next stage of my career. Suzanne is a very talented coach and I finished my program feeling more confident in my worth as a leader and more clear about the strengths I want to focus on developing as I move into the next phase of my career. I highly recommend Suzanne, she was a pleasure to work with and I'm sure we will work together again at various stages of my career."


A Wiley

Google Review

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