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“Get it done” Session


Do you need to make a decision in your life/career/health but you’re unsure which way to go? Feeling indecisive? Do you need a confidence boost and sounding board to get you back on track? Or maybe you know the direction you are heading in, but you just need a little extra support to gain clarity, be brave and take action. If so this is the session for you!


Some examples of challenges I have worked with others on previously:

  • Which career path should I pursue (stuck between two or more different career choices)?

  • How can I set myself up for success when having a difficult conversation with someone at work?

  • Understanding my value and asking for a deserved pay rise. Having a script to help them position the request and support them in holding (for a lot of people) what is an uncomfortable conversation


What’s included:

  • 1 x pre consultation questionnaire

  • 1 x 60-minute session with Suzanne, via skype, phone or face to face if suitable

  • Email support for the two weeks following your consultation to uncover more strategies or overcome any barriers

  • 1 x 15 minute follow up call with Suzanne two weeks after the consultation to continue the momentum and give any guidance on next steps for you

  • Access to Grace & Grind tools, resources, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. This information is provided to clients only – it is not publicly available on my website.


Your investment:

A one off payment of $450

What do "Get it Done" clients say:

I chose to work with Suzanne as I'm transitioning from one career to another and I was after some support with my decision making. During my time with Suzanne she helped me to more deeply explore critical values and outcomes, both professionally and personally to support me through the change.


This allowed me to develop a solid 'plan of attack' that suited my style and presented me in the best possible way to prospective employers. I now feel much more confident with how to execute my career change.Since working with Suzanne, I have noticed a greater sense of calm and focus. I am also moving onto other areas of our life that require some deeper attention - such as our long term financial security!


The exercises I completed with Suzanne have enabled me to dismiss the clutter and focus me and my family on what is truly important to us. Working with Suzanne was a really gentle but rewarding experience - Suzanne doesn't tell you what to do but guides you through a process that draws out a clear path. The process gives you permission to really scratch below the surface of your thinking to understand what might be driving your decisions"


E Taylor

Google Review

I would highly recommend completing the Grace & Grind values assessment to help clarify your strengths and goals. Suzanne’s advice and tools promote positive self-reflection, and make it easier to write clear personal branding statements in cover letters, resumes and on Linkedin.


Suzanne is also very attentive and tailors the session to your individual needs. She cares about helping you find your career niche and is very supportive.  With Suzanne’s assistance it has helped my job search to become much more targeted, and gave me a greater awareness of how important it is to align my personal values to my work life.


Suzanne’s advice has also helped me to get the most out of professional meetings and I now have new leads for job opportunities."


C Bennett

Google Review

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