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Your Killer Career! 

(NEW Group Coaching Program)

Specialised career coaching sessions with

an  experienced career, leadership and lifestyle coach, including worksheets, personalised CV and application templates....all for $6 per day! 

SO here it is.... a more accessible and affordable coaching course, this exciting 8 week program has been developed to help you understand yourself better, what is most important to you in a career and most importantly having the tools to get that job you so desperately want!


Think tangible outcomes, such as an amazing application with a killer CV and cover letter - or should I say cover "application"....videos, imagery, products, letters are so 2008. It's time to get creative and show people what you've really got!


This program has been developed after working with countless clients and identifying the formula for what truly works in getting "that job"!

Want to know more? Well, keep scrolling for more details!


do you want a do it yourself e-book and guide to work through at your own pace? Then head over to our online store to get your copy!

Want step by step help to

get a slick CV and

killer application?


"I recently returned to Brisbane from two years working and travelling abroad. I was a little lost and confused as to what I should do next. Suz helped me to identify what career path I should pursue and really opened my eyes up to options I had never considered before !

Once I had been through the recruitment process, she also helped me to achieve a higher salary than I “thought” I was worth. She provided me with the confidence to ask for more, as well as some very helpful pointers on how to have the conversation.


In the end I ended up with a 15% higher salary than

I would have have achieved without her guidance."


Is this right for me?​


Do you feel stuck in your career, are you bored and wanting something else? 

Have you fallen into a career and you now realise that it is not at all 

what you want?

Have you had children or are you raising a young family, meaning a 

subsequent change in priorities and now you're looking for a change in your career too?

Do you want to know more about yourself, what drives you, what your 

values are and what is important to you at the core of your being?

Do you feel like you don't have a career and you need direction to go 

forward with confidence in your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you're in the right place. 

This program is definitely for you! So, buckle up and let's get into the details.

"After unfortunate circumstances in my last role, I had to leave suddenly and so found myself urgently looking for work. I felt lost and stressed!


...Suzanne did her homework on my skill set and matched it to relevant job vacancies. She then gave me very helpful advice on how to set out my cover letter and CV to put me in a much more favourable position to get the role.


It gave me hope in a stressful time and I learnt so much about why job prospects were not calling me for an interview. Thank you so much Suzanne. A truly kind and inspiring coach. 100% looking to work with Suzanne again in the future."

What’s included:

  • 8- week program with a step by step participant manual and additional workbook to guide you through the process. The modules and key learning areas include:



- Suzanne Williams, Career & Lifestyle Coach

As featured in

ELLE Magazine! 

The Confidence Issue.

Module 1 - Introduction to the new career landscape

Understand what it means to pursue a modern day career. We will cover off areas such as why you feel like you are wanting more in life and how it's actually quite normal. The myth about a "good job", why we all grow up  following a path to find this perfect job that is actually only someone's interpretation and not necessarily what is right for us. We will explore what a career in the 21st century looks like and bust some old world thinking!

Module 2 - The right career now!

How can you identify what the right career is for you right now?  Firstly, we need to identify your passions, strengths, highest and lowest values and your dealbreakers, that are the reality for you now. Let's be frank, we change and grow over time, so your career is going to likely evolve as you do. It's time to get to know yourself really well!

Module 3 - Go crazy and get creative

Often the most logical of solutions come from a pretty crazy starting point. This module will allow you to go crazy and wild with your thinking. Think big, dream big. Come up with some creative career paths and go through exercises to help you to distill this down to what an ideal job could look like now. This is the fun module, time to get inspired!

Module 4 - Put the puzzle together

So,  you understand the working landscape, you've come to know yourself a whole lot better, you've gone crazy and come up with some potential cool career how do you put this all together to actually articulate what job you want to go for? The tools in this module will help you to work it all out so that you can complete the puzzle and work out what job is right for you right now!

Module 5 - Slim down and glam up your CV!

Most people dread putting a CV together and often don't know where to start. There are free templates everywhere online, but let's be honest, they never help and give clear direction as to what is the really important information to get across and how to make it stand out from the crowd. This module will give you a killer template and take you step by step through the do's, don'ts and ensure that your CV is top of the pile!

Module 6 - The killer application!

This is the final piece of the puzzle. You feel confident in yourself, you now have an amazing CV, so how do you get your hiring manager or recruiter to pay attention to even open your CV? Cue the killer application. No more boring cover letters, we will show you how to stand out from the crowd!

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  • 4 x 60 - 90 minute group coaching sessions (held every 2 weeks on Thursday evenings at 6pm AEST) with Suzanne online (online group conference call)

  • Private Facebook group with all participants included to share stories and ask for help/feedback from each other and Suzanne.

  • Access to Grace & Grind tools, resources, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. This information is provided to clients only – it is not publicly available on our website.

  • Meeting and connecting with new people, expanding your network and future opportunities (as they say, your 'network' is your 'net worth'.

What's the investment?



$45 PER WEEK (total of $360) 



Equates to around $6 per day!


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