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What is a Career Coach? And why do I need one?

When you hear the term coach most people would immediately think about something sports related, like a football coach or even a personal trainer. In the last few years the coaching industry has really taken off, as people are serious about getting the most out of their life and being the best they can be. From Executive & Leadership coaching, to career coaching, to life and relationship coaching, there is a service to meet everyone's needs. WHAT EXACTLY IS COACHING?

So when you want to strengthen your muscles, get healthier and be more confident in your body you would likely engage a personal trainer, right? Someone to hold you accountable and help keep you on track. Well just like a PT, a coach will help to guide you, monitor your progress, give you advice and hold you accountable when you are working on goals relating to your career/leadership/life etc.


1. You're stuck

Most people will get to a point in their career where they feel they have plateaued or they simply want more. It is not unusual to feel this way and it can be challenging to identify what it is that you are looking for and what will bring your fulfillment.

You could also be stuck with a a big decision in your career/life. As an example; should I study Architecture or Fashion Design? What is the right pathway for me and how do I make this decision?

A coach can help you to identify those things that are really important to you to help get you on track.

2. You're unhappy

Maybe you’re in a job that you don’t like, or you’re no longer interested in your given field. Maybe you've fallen into a career that just doesn’t fulfil you.

We've all heard of the "mid-career/life crisis" or even now we are hearing of the "1/3 life crisis". Often people will look to new hobbies, relationships, material possessions or even children to ease these feelings. However, what is critical is actually taking the time to truly understand our values and our needs.

Working with a coach can help you uncover these values and needs in your life and ultimately help you to work out what is the right path for you.

3. You're happy or you want to excel!

If you are feeling excited and happy with your career and the potential of where it could go, that is also a perfect time to work with a coach. When you are operating at your peak you are open to growth and stretching yourself. A coach can help you to set challenging but realistic goals and hold you accountable in a gentle and supporting way to achieve these goals and more! And why not have your own personal cheerleader when you are smashing the lights out?


Many employers are very open to paying for employee development including services such as career coaching. Grace & Grind also assist clients in proposing business cases to your employers to enable you to fully articulate the value and benefit of a coaching program. Alternatively, if private coaching is more appropriate we also offer monthly payment terms at a lower cost to many large coaching firms! Enquire today to find out what coaching program would be right for you!

Apply for your initial coaching session here.


Or in other words, don't put off your happiness today hoping for happiness down the track. You can be happy now, you have the power to make the decision.

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