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Top Client Lessons of 2019

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Lessons from clients that have travelled far down the development road
Lessons from clients that have travelled far down the development road

It’s been an amazing year working with such a vast array of clients in 2019! There has been some wonderful lessons from my clients and just as many lessons for me.

In preparation for your career and life plans in 2020, I wanted to share some of my top client lessons, as this may just help you to break through the challenges that you may currently be facing.


Stop killing yourself with excessive hours at work

Most people take work and themselves/their importance at work far too seriously. This year one of my clients realised that they were working close to 60 hours a week on a regular basis with the goal of being seen to be a hard worker. Working excessive hours doesn’t equal working smart or being a hard worker. If you are killing yourself with excessive hours to a) please others b) because you’re being a martyr or c) you’re perceiving the importance of your work as literally life or death, maybe it’s time to reconsider where and how you are focusing your energy in 2020.


Inner dialogue is the key to confidence and happiness

If you only do one thing to address your happiness at work and in life in 2020 consider your inner dialogue and mindset. This literally impacts everything and can be the difference between a job and life you love or hate. One of my clients this year changed their mindset so dramatically and has decreased significant anxiety, fear and overall negativity, what a great way to lead into 2020!


Can we all ease up on societal norms?

Societal norms and expectations need a big overhaul. Many of my clients have family, friends and people close to them causing extra pressure without realising it. A nice tip from one of my clients… "Stop asking your single friend when she will get a boyfriend, stop asking your married friends when they’ll have kids and stop asking your friend with a wife and family when he’ll buy a house." Those days and those traditional stories are gone, these old pathways aren’t necessarily the pathway people want now.


Take more calculated risks

We can quite often dramatise things in our life that we want to change, worrying that failure somehow equates to the end of the world. When faced with a question of change, ask yourself “what’s the worst that can happen” and play out that scenario in your mind. Then ask yourself “what’s the best thing that can happen” and play out that scenario as well. Interestingly quite often the worst thing isn’t actually that bad anyway.


Ask for help

This is one of mine to add to lessons learnt. I was faced with a problem this year that I thought I had the knowledge and experience to work through. Turns out I was out of my depth and no matter how hard I logically worked it through, I couldn’t come up with the answers. I sought help from an expert, and it was the best thing I could’ve done. It meant I was more efficient, worked through the problem with a new lens and felt more connected in the process. The reminder for me is we can’t do everything on our own and we all need help at some point, so ask!


Suzanne Williams Career and Life Coach

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Suzanne Williams | HR, Leadership, Personal Branding & Wellness

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