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Coaching, People & Culture Programs for Businesses

Do you want to nurture and grow the leadership capability in your organisation?

Do you want to support your leaders to be the most confident and outstanding version of themselves?


Maybe you want to support your leaders to work on their development areas through a coaching program that targets their specific needs?


Do you want a coach that has experience as a corporate business partner, executive coach, holistic career coach and expertise in people management after many years in the Human Resources field?


Do you want someone that is hands on and practical when it comes to HR advice, leadership and coaching? Someone who can cut through the jargon and tell it like it is?

If any of the above resonates with your organisation, then I would love to hear from you. At Grace and Grind, we have two main corporate packages for you to choose from as well as Human Resource consulting packages covering off a range of people and culture elements. These can be tailored for your organisations specific needs.

“More Grace less Grind” Leadership Program

(for the modern leader) - 6 months


This program is ideal for anybody wanting to step up in their career and really shine as a leader. It is a targeted coaching and advice series for those who are looking to lift their Leadership capability and take it to the next level, or those who would like to gain clarity and confidence to excel in their current Leadership role.

The Leadership Program has set modules that have been developed that are the core and critical elements needed to be a high performing, successful leader.

Grace and Grind Executive Coaching Package

(3 or 6 months)


This package is ideal for the modern day Executive or up and coming Executive to get you on track and excel your career. You will have access to my knowledge and experience as a Principal Business Partner from my time in the Executive Coaching arena.


People & Culture Human Resource Consulting

Bespoke people and culture solutions created for your specific business needs. Does your business need people frameworks, structure, clarity and inspiration to take your team to the next level?  Are you looking for an experienced HR Partner that can give you strategic business and people advice but still implement real practical solutions on the ground?  

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