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Do you want to do further exploration to find out more about yourself and what career path could be right for you? Maybe a 1:1 group coaching program isn't right you just yet? If so, maybe then our self-paced learning program through our Killer Career e-book and associated participant manual is the perfect tool for you. 


This e-book and manual will be your new best friend; as you grow and change, so will your career. Keep this bad boy in your back pocket for years to come!


Packed to the brim with hands on practical worksheets that will help you identify your strengths, values, passions (and pitfalls!), how to identify a career path that is right for you. 


Upon purchasing this book, you will be able to download the CV template straight away, and we will email you the worksheets that go with it. 

Killer Career e-Book and Manual

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